Bringing wildlife closer

Independent Ecologist, Freelance Journalist, Educator, Author


At heart I am a naturalist. Professionally I am an independent ecologist, journalist, author and educator. ​My work involves defending and promoting the conservation of protected species, their habitats and wider environment and helping to create opportunities for others to make exciting discoveries about the natural world. I do that by writing, editing, talking, advising, teaching, surveying, researching, broadcasting and producing content on nature, science, conservation and environment.

I work with a diverse range of conservation charities, NGOs, private and public sector & media organisations. 

I have 2 decades experience in ecology & environmental science and 3 decades [some concurrently] in media publishing [mainly newspapers, magazines, digital & books - writing, editing, production, management]. 

I have degrees and post grads in biology, ecology and environmental science plus an NCTJ postgrad in Newspaper Journalism. ​Other professional training: public administration (local, central, European government), law (wildlife, media, criminal, tort); environmental science lab and field techniques; geochemistry; ecology field skills (taxonomy, FISC-certificated botanist, habitat surveys; species identification & specialist survey methods for plants, mammals, invertebrates, birds, reptiles, amphibians); mitigation and translocation; habitat creation, mapping; statistics; scientific report writing; management; risk assessment; teaching. 

I have many years of science fieldwork experience, largely in the UK; some in tropical & Mediterranean habitats.
Main nerd things: bats, botany, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians + less loved and vulnerable beasts and weirdos.