December 2017.

"An ecologist's perspective. We need a radical rethink of our 'love of nature' and what we call urban wildlife conservation."

How human-centred we really are when we claim we love nature...

"We cannot be trusted with plastic. For the sake of our seas can we take away choice?"

Campaigners want Blue Belt protection for huge marine areas controlled by Britain.
​But what about plastic? Look what else we could be doing too...

October 2018.

"People's Walk For Wildlife: Bring on the medicine."

Views from the wildlife rally in Hyde Park and beyond, with Chris Packham, Billy Bragg et al...

"Time for a TV-like licence for local newspapers?"

We happily pay a tax to watch TV, but begrudge paying a penny for the intelligent written word. ​Why does struggling newspaper journalism still miss out on that deal? Is it time to rethink the model?

"The bittersweet poppy: 100 years on." 
Whatever your political views on the symbolism attached to the blood red poppy, it has carried a shadow since ancient times. 
Botanical thoughts written for #ArmisticeDay #RemembranceDay

June 2018.

"The Queen's Hitch-hikers."

​The early spring bumblebees are out at last, but check out their fascinating passengers... 
(Published in: Nature in Avon: The proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists' Society. 2018).

"Victoria Park Bioblitz 2015"

A natural history event with 900 people, 409 species and one famous Victorian naturalist.   
(Published in Nature in Avon: The proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists' Society. 74. p51-58). Available online here:

Biodiversity Heritage Library link.

September 2018.

"Why do we have so few of Britain's insects here in south Bristol?"
A look at what's here, what's missing and how Buglife is working with volunteers to bring them back across 100 new sites...  
​(Published in: South Bristol Voice).

January 2018.

"Badger cull fears for Bristol."

Avon Wildlife Trust takes a stand against the expanded cull & urges others to follow...

March 2018.

June 2018.

"The sistren of bees"  

A hive is not a brotherhood. It is a sisterhood. There is a sting in the tale for the males...

September 2017.

"False widows? False fears!"

Four London schools were shut amid silly spider nonsense... where are the natural history teachers to explain to schools how irrational their fear of nature is?
​They blew the budget on pesticides instead of education...

August 2018.

"An octopus invasion of Welsh beaches: now some facts."

An elusive and clever creature often watches us from the seaside surf, but we barely ever see it. Here I explore the real facts behind a strange story that went around the world...

Bringing wildlife closer

November 2017.

"Wild flowers in bloom on a new year plant hunt."
Strong results from our urban botany boot camp team, in pursuit of midwinter blossoms...

"Romania's embrace of the wild... in contrast to an escaped lynx in Wales."

We have lost touch with wilderness and, in doing so, respect for it.

"Sweet little bats: Tonight, I celebrate my gloves for you..." 
This piece explains about a rabies-related virus carried by a few British bats. 
​It follows another media wildlife panic story, so here are the facts.

May 2018.

December 2017.

August 2017.

"The Peoples's Walk For Wildlife - what's all the fuss about?"

I have collated some of the evidence on the state of Britain's nature... some of the reasons why Chris Packham and other conservation campaigners are staging a major rally on Sept 22.

November 2017.

"A Flutter on the Lottery."  

​"Welcome home, little lost beauty. Glide the glades again as silently as the ghost that you were through all those missing decades..." A piece on saving the chequered skipper and #BackFromTheBrink species reintroductions.


​Bernard Landgraf

January 2018.

Independent Ecologist, Freelance Journalist, Educator, Author

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October 2018.

"The hedgehog hub of love."

Find out all about hedgehog rescue and help support their conservation by booking a talk from the team on the front line...

September 2018.

May 2018.

"Yes, we should we put a price on nature." 
​Intrinsic value is a useless, romantic notion that saves nothing. 
In this piece I explore how we value nature, the controversial idea of Natural Capital and the problems with pricelessness.

October 2017.

November 11 2018.

December 2017.

January 2018.

"Pay up, or Mr Prickles gets it, along with other park wildlife..."    

My comment piece on urban wildlife at risk due to severe funding cuts to Britain's parks and green spaces. This article was also published in South Bristol Voice and on its website.

"Give Back Eco-Cinderella's flowers."

Once upon a fairy tale, in a Cinderella grass land not far away, some ecological 'magic' began to happen. ​This story shows why better thinking on parks and verges would help restore nature-depleted Britain to an ecological happy ever after...

"Packaging fury goes coconuts."
Tweeters agreed with my frustration about unnecessary plastic food packaging - now the story has gone on TV, online news sites and the national papers...