My piece on how local campaigners started a worldwide movement. #PeoplePower  #PlasticAttack  #HandBackPlastic 

Bristol’s strong environmental image hangs in the balance over Bristol Airport expansion. I took part in a debate on BBC TV Sunday Politics along with politicians and campaigners, and wrote this piece for Bristol 24/7: Link

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There is plenty you can do to help our urban wildlife survive the winter cold: Part 1

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Climate change campaigners step up efforts against Bristol Airport expansion amid a public consultation deadline of January 26. Report by me published in The Ecologist magazine: Link    

Independent Ecologist, Freelance Journalist, Educator, Author

We have to show how it's done, say residents with bold plants in the first city to declare a climate emergency... Link   Also published in South Bristol Voice.

A city must not buckle at the sight of pounds signs

Protest day against Bristol Airport expansion

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"Living in this complete madness is very unnerving"

Climate change: the flying elephant in the newsroom


Report by me on the rights of children to protest on the #SchoolStrike4Climate held on February 15 across the UK. Published by The Ecologist magazine: Link

Bristol's love of spiders goes to extremes. Published in South Bristol Voice:

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The power of wild flower art for naturalists


The best botanical guides offer keys, but artists bring the music. I explore some of the most memorable and useful botanical illustrations, books and artists in my feature for BBC Wildlife Magazine, in the January issue. You can preview the magazine here. Link


​I write, when I'm not in the field doing ecology. My first children's nature book, by myself, Sean Taylor and Cinyee Chiu, will be published in September 2019, by Quarto.
I have worked for a wide range of regional newspapers, national and international magazines, contract publishers, websites, for authors and clients in the private and conservation sectors. I also write and deliver science communication outreach projects and short courses. 
​Subject experience: science, wildlife, environment, botany, gardening, current affairs, crime, local government, human interest, music, computing, digital arts, videogames, property, travel, ecological consultancy reports.

A plea for the media to rethink its promotion of flying to millions of people. Published by The Ecologist magazine and Canada News Media: Link

Bats and light pollution

Spider love!

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Children have a human right to strike too

Bringing wildlife closer

I explore light pollution and its impacts on bats, following new research, in my piece for BBC Wildlife Magazine. Available at: BBC Wildlife Mag

Lots of wildlife-friendly planting ideas are attached, to make your back yard into nature's paradise. Eco gardens can look stunning and make a blissful spot to enjoy lots of wild visitors. Feature published in Bristol Voice newspaper. Download here: page 1 and page 2

I have been on BBC Points West TV news, BBC Politics West, ITV News, BBC Radio Bristol and CNN over recent months discussing our #OneByOne Bristol plastics campaign. Please follow our Facebook page for updates: