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Children made some awesome artistic creations to celebrate the park's wildlife, inspired by what they found. ​Their work went on show at Windmill Hill City Farm, in Bristol, which hosted our bioblitz exhibition for two months.

You can share your own wildlife photos, see other people's and ask experts to identify species, on Victoria Park's new iSpot page, here.

What wildlife is there in an average city park? How closely do we look?
​To challenge and involve Bristol's park users and answer some important questions, I decided to create an opportunity for everyone in south Bristol to get involved with wildlife recording. I founded the Victoria Park Bioblitz which has kick-started local urban wildlife monitoring efforts. I've kept this on my website as it may help inform other people with ideas on how to run their own event.

The initial event attracted 900 local people of all ages in our first two-day challenge to help find and identify all the wildlife in Victoria Park, Bristol, during July 2015. Wildlife monitoring still continues, with input from Victoria Park Wildlife Group, local schools and the community. ​The menu gives a summary of our launch event that put wildlife on the map in this green corner of the city. We found 409 species during the first week! Check out everyone's photos in the results section. Wildlife recording included plants, lichens, invertebrates, mammals, birds and amphibians.

The full species ​list is available here with more photos throughout the Bioblitz menu.